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Ryan Matta Property Manager


From 2000-2012 I worked for Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer, serving as the Property and Operations manager of Chip-Chop the Historic home built by Katherine Cornell



“What a lesson in irony, you have seen fit to put the purchase of Chip Chop on the front page of two issues and cap it with an editorial in a third. It will seem hilarious when I tell you that I have always cherished the Vineyard, to which I have been coming for 30 years, because of its New England restraint and sense of privacy.

“I suppose I should thank you since, partly because of your efforts, we have in recent days received offers for the property that far exceed what we paid. But we love the Island and look forward to becoming part of its community.

“We even love the Gazette. But if you don’t stop yapping about this soon, I will turn the land into a beachfront parking lot and sell the house to Taco Bell. You have been warned.”

 -Mike Nichols E.G.OT.

I read the news today Chip-Chop was being sold.  I managed the property and staff at Chip-Chop, for Mike and Diane, from 2001 until 2012.

I take the quote from the Vineyard Gazette article “I’ve never been on a property as well taken care of as this one”, as a small piece of professional pride. It’s nice to think I had a small part in helping to preserve this magical, storied home.
The Gazette’s article well describes the natural beauty and history of Chip-Chop. I lived on the grounds while I held this job and am very lucky to have called it home for many wonderful years. Truly as beautiful a place as exists on the Vineyard. Mike and Diane remain the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to work for, the kindness, and generosity they showed me over the years was transformative in my life. Chip-Chop will always hold a place deep in my heart. My hope is that the new owners will strive to steward this beautiful spit of land with the same class and sophistication that Mike and Diane brought to it… though I’m guessing this is likely impossible.


Diane Sawyer Sells Martha’s Vineyard Estate,

Chip Chop, for $23.9 Million

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