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Screenplay by Ryan Matta

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‘The Complex’ is a Neo-Western set in a dystopian future. Joseph Deese, a battle-scarred war veteran, is the marshall and landlord of Complex 44, a crumbling government housing tenement in the ghetto of Frontier City. The building interior is divided physically by a fence that stretches across the atrium, separating the law-abiding tenants of the lower floor from the violent gangs that roam above. Deese’s efforts at maintaining law and order are thwarted by Zero, a disfigured, drug dealing, pornographer who controls the floors above and is seeking to expand his fortune and sphere of influence with the help of the hedonistic gang, The Misfits. As Deese and Zero engage in a lethal power struggle for control of the building, the arrival of Jason Christopher, a fellow soldier from Deese’s past push the conflict to its explosive conclusion.

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