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ZADAR the Savage Issue 1 finds "Zadar" aka James Ravenwood with his wife, Rose, living peacefully in East Africa circa, 1917 on their secluded estate. Their quiet life is suddenly threatened by the encroaching battles of World War I and the machinations of a band of mercenaries; led by the rogue officer, Sergeant Schneider, a single minded hunter.

To protect his ape family, his fellow Englishmen and his true love. Zadar must unleash his savage nature!

Darkside Media’s thrilling primal tale of Love, Revenge, and their Savage consequences. Set against war torn Africa, Zadar the Savage is the King of Beasts unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 


"Zadar takes the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan and amps it up to 11!"                                                                                                                               ~Jason Lenox (Lords of the Cosmos, The Satanic Coloring Book)

Cover painted by world renowned artist Simon Bisley (Lobo, Judge Dredd)

Illustrations by Pablo de Bonis, colors by Damián Peñalba,

Lettering by Joel Saavedra and Script Assistant by Francisco Tomat.

Written and adapted by Ryan Matta and D.W. Kann 

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